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The founders of Jarrovian have a long standing affiliation with the owners of Principals, which dates back over thirty years. Jarrovian are a whole of market financial planning business, and rather than solely viewing financial planning as a transactional exercise, to review your existing financial affairs (which can include areas such as investments and pensions arrangements), we endeavour to ascertain your future plans and aspirations. This enables us to put in place a tailored financial plan, helping to make your goals a reality. Through a combination of our expertise and software, we are able to help you make sense of your financial situation today, projecting this forward. These foundations assist us to identify and implement together, the appropriate strategies to help you fulfil your ambitions.

Chris Salacinski, a Chartered Financial Planner at Jarrovian, is the dedicated person on point at Jarrovian, who is available for any initial exploratory discussions required at no initial cost. Chris’s expertise spans across both personal financial planning and advice for business owners around all aspects of business life.


Additionally, there are specialists at Jarrovian, whom Chris can call upon, depending on your circumstances. These include Julie Kitson who oversees the legal services which Jarrovian offer. There is often a cross over between financial planning and legal matters. Using two experts can often cause confusion, create duplication and add unnecessary cost. Julie is able to help clients protect their families via wills, lasting powers of attorney and trusts. Julie is also able to help business owners with important decisions such as protecting family and fellow business partners, via the use of shareholder agreements corporate lasting powers of attorney and business protection trusts.

Graeme Price is another specialist at Jarrovian that you can access, providing fellow business owners, with technical support and guidance. This includes helping business owners to utilise the most appropriate company structure based on their needs, the use of employee incentive schemes to help attract and retain staff, as well as maximise the efficiency of profit extraction. These can form a central plank in important strategies to be considered prior to a business sale or exit.

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Jarrovian Wealth is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority – Number 770693