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auction purchase

Auction finance is a service provided by specialist lenders to auction buyers. We work with whole of market where lenders provide short term finance, bridging loans, commercial finance, buy-to-let mortgages, and secured loans. Auction finance can help all types of people in a variety of situations, by providing the finance needed to move in, move up, get on or start something. Home buyers, landlord investors, property professionals and small businesses are regular users of auction finance.

We try and ensure money is made available extremely quickly and fits neatly into the purchasing timescales of auction buyers. Loans are secured against the property being purchased or other property assets so status enquiries are less onerous, and borrowing can often be confirmed within hours. Auction finance companies can lend to those who are employed, self-employed, limited companies, limited liability partnerships, sole traders, and partnerships. They are also very flexible about the types of property you are looking to purchase and circumstances of your purchase.